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The Levy County Prevention Coalition is a non-profit organization with a mission to reduce substance abuse and encourage positive mental health among all citizens in Levy County, while primarily focusing on our youth aged 8 to 18.

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What We Do

As a coalition, we bring all sectors of the community together to build a healthy drug-free community. We organize and promote several programs and events for the community free of charge. We have brought Know the Law, Responsible Vendor Training, Friday Night Done Right, Natural High, and Parent’s Night Out to Levy County. The process of educating not only the youth but also the parents on the facts and consequences regarding drug-use is grand. We need everyone’s help in doing so even if it’s just an hour a month. If you have any suggestions regarding any further community enhancements, feel free to contact us!

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Get Involved: As little as 2 hours a month does wonders

The involvement of Levy County residents, business leaders, and local government officials is imperative to our success. Being a part of the Levy County Prevention Coalition will not consume large amounts of your time. The average Coalition member spends 1 to 2 hours per month working with the Coalition. We understand that your time is valuable and, therefore, promise to make use of your skills effectively, never wasting your time or demanding too much from any particular member.

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